Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Short and Sweet

Disclaimer: this post is going to be short and sweet due to the fact I'm working on a midterm that's due by midnight.

Today was awesome. We got free breakfast tacos this morning. I then worked on making some changes to some signage and an ad for the Livestrong Challenge in Austin from yesterday. Before lunch Diana and I went over to the new Navigation Center to check up on the quote signage that's going up on the walls, it looks really good. Did you know they have to have each individual letter made and stick them up one at a time? Even the dot's on the i's and the periods...must be tedious. After lunch I made some edits to an event poster which needed the rsvp information revised. At 3 o'clock Nike came to do a presentation about their new apparel and their plans for the Livestrong Nike collection during the Tour de France. They also talked about the "chalkbot" which is a robot that paints along the Tour route in France; it paints actual messages people submit online about loved ones with cancer, who they're fighting for/supporting, etc. The best part of this meeting was that we got FREE t-shirts and FREE BEER! Also cheese and crackers and chips and salsa. Did I mention the beer was from Canada, US, England and France? We're so cultural. Next Wed. we're going to get free crepes and watch the tour...I'm going to get fat this summer.

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