Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 2

Today was a great day at work simply because somebody brought a giant box of free chapstick into the office. Awesome. Besides my super moisturized lips, I also began to work on some projects in the graphic design department today. One of the projects was making simple revisions on some Livestrong Challenge registration forms. The second project I worked on was creating a form/notepad for workers to use at the Livestrong Challenge in Seattle which included a spot to fill out one's bib number, shirt size etc. Diana was very clear and helpful and everything seemed to go smoothly. I worked for 6 hours today but it felt much much shorter. The only low point of today was when I was eating a cheeze-it at lunch which violently scratched/raped my throat, that was awful. I am yet to bring in some flair to add to my personal little bulletin board (which currently has a picture of me and the Truman logo, which nobody as any idea as to what that is). Also, my hands turned blue today because I wore these new jeans that I haven't washed yet and was sitting on my hands and it dyed them slightly blue...I look like I have terrible blood circulation; I'm scared to see what my legs look like.

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