Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where has the week gone?!

Last day of work for the week, good day overall. Spent most of the morning finishing project labels, however, I got to go with Diana to meet a vendor who brought samples of window coverings for the new navigation center that is about to open. Some windows inside are going to be covered with graphics of cancer survivors and quotes that were printed on a plastic mesh material that lets light through but provides a bit more privacy for conference rooms and just adds to the space overall. On the outside they're going to have similar graphics adhered to the upper windows; I think it will all look really good when it's done. I spent the afternoon working on an ad that's going in Austin Monthly Magazine. It's an advertisement for the Livestrong Challenge in Austin coming up in October. The challenging part about this project is that it basically requires a horizontal ad to be adjusted to the vertical dimensions, 4 something by 9 something. This still needs a good bit of work but I got a decent amount done today. Diana is going out of town next week after Monday so I'm going in Monday, which might be my only day for the week, she's going to talk to the marketing team. Because I'm going in Monday, however, I'll get to go to a couple of the big meetings with all the marketing people and everything, so that should be interesting. Time to go work on some homework, booooo summer classes! Later gators

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