Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Started off the morning extra great today (aside from the extra early wakeup and hellish commute) because THE US BEAT ALGERIA and is advancing in the world cup! And I got to watch it all unfold on the big projector at Livestrong's personal Worldcup party, breakfast tacos included. After all of that excitement it was meeting time. First was a meeting about some new products we'll be designing for the Livestrong store, and I think we're going to have some great new merch! Next was a meeting concerning a new logo we'll be designing for individuals and groups to use more liberally while raising money/doing events in the name of Livestrong since Nike doesn't allow indviduals to use the official logo. After the meetings I finished up an event guide for participants of the San Jose Livestrong Challenge and then made some edits to a card. Currently I'm working on an ad for the Livestrong Challenge in Philly doing some photoshop work...never a dull moment here at Livestrong! Gotta go, somebody brought in cake...

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