Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Day at Livestrong!

What an amazing day!
Today was intern orientation at Livestrong, and it was great! The building is amazing. It is an old warehouse that was gutted and completely recycled to make the new headquarters. Everything from the wood to the concrete is original to the building, but recycled and revamped. There is tons of natural light that comes in through the razor blade style skylights. One of my favorite things, however, is Lance's personal art collection that is displayed throughout the building. There are paintings, sculptures and posters (some of which are by the artist Shepard Fairey, who designed Obama's Hope poster). And just when you think there couldn't be anything else, there is! There is a gym where they teach classes (free yoga on mon. and wed.). Also, there is a great kitchen with all real dishes so we can be environmentally friendly, which is stressed here.

As far as the interns go, everyone seems really cool. There are 27 interns total from ALL over; one girl is even from Australia. With interns from across the country, imagine my surprise when the first person I meet is a girl from St. Joe, Missouri. One of the interns is in charge of putting together intern social events over the summer, the first being put put next Friday which should be fun. Anyways, each intern works in a different department including Team Livestrong, Navigation, Legal and Government, Info. Tech and many more. When talking with one of the Employees, she was very impressed I was the Graphic Design intern and said it was very competitive position, so yay!

After a tour and meet and greet we were given pizza and got to eat with all of the Livestrong employees. Everyone is really friendly and interested in what the interns are doing. Each intern is given a mentor that they work under, mine being Diana Berno. Diana seems really cool and I think she really knows what she's doing; she says I'll get to start working on projects as soon as tomorrow! Each intern gets their own space in the intern room with their own computer along with our own Livestrong email and phone extension. Below is a picture of the employees/interns eating lunch today:

After lunch we went over the handbook and received our emails and whatnot along with learning some of the computer program basics. I'm really excited for what is yet to come and I'll be posting here daily to keep everyone updated (that means you Rusty!) So until then, Peace out Blog!!

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