Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So today at work there was a big announcement! The best part? We got free lunch from Maudie's AND free dessert, can't beat that. Now, you might be asking yourself what announcement could be so huge that would merit free lunch and news cameras AND the mayor's presence? Turns out that Livestrong recently signed a 3 year commitment with the city in which they will be the primary sponsor of the Austin Marathon/Half Marathon event, which is the 3rd or 4th largest of its kind I believe. Anywho, all that excitement aside, today was pretty solid. I started out by making some minor changes to a notepad I was working on last weekend. I also added a photo and description of a new available brochure to a card. In the afternoon I worked on making changes to a current brochure and began creating a large autograph card which will be provided to fans at this big golf tourney coming up in which Livestrong is involved in. Time flies by there...the 6 hour shifts seem even shorter than my 4 hour shifts last summer. Welp, I'm gong to go try to watch the season finale of Glee, but stay tuned for another update tomorrow!

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