Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Not much to say today, I worked on the same things all day. I was doing bar charts today...sounds simple enough, however, they are quite time-consuming. You may think: punch in some numbers, add some labels=chart. YOU'RE WRONG! It went something like this: Punch in some numbers, change bar orientation, punch more numbers, rearrange numbers, add some labels, rearrange labels in alpha order, which leades to rearranging numbers, adding percentage labels, changing label font, changing font back, more numbers, changing boxes to pantone 116 c, changing point size, scaling chart, which leads to rearranging numbers and labels, deleting bars, deleting numbers, changing number range, adding notches, deleting notches, labeling axes...and then onto the next chart. I had 4. Anyways I wish I had something more exciting to tell you but that's all I did today. The good news is the day went by quickly with everything I had to do. Tomorrow I'm working on an ad! ooooooooo stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beginning of the End

So I'm starting the last 3 weeks of my's definitely flown by! Today I finished up a world map chart I was working on last week. Next I had to make some changes to a notepad and a bib for the Philly Livestrong challenge coming up. I'm currently working on an ad which I'll finish up tomorrow before starting on some charts that are going in a big report (fun fun!) That's pretty much the day, getting back into the swing of things now that the tour's over. Check back tomorrow to hear about how exciting graph/chart-making is!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I ate a sandwich for lunch

So today I began with the cancer chart I left off on yesterday, I ended up finishing it and Diana is pretty happy with it, yay! Oh also today I got a call from Diana and she was like "Hi, could you come to the copy room? I'd like you to see some of your work..." I thought I messed something up and she wanted me to come see my mistake, like when you make a dog come look at the urine it left on the carpet. ACTUALLY though it was a good thing! She just wanted me to see the giant timeline banner I made last week printed up. It's so weird to see it so large; it's 8 ft long on vinyl and has the grommets in it so it's ready to hang. They shipped it off to China today (Maybe Ping will see it while he's there!) I'm now working on another big project which I left off on today. I have label maps with certain countries and then highlight those countries, and on another I do the same thing but also add some comments with each country. These maps are going into a world report (or something like that). Anyways, we've had larger projects lately so not as many little things to write about, but neat nonetheless! Hopefully I can put a couple pictures on here soon. Until Tuesday!

Wed, July 21

So yesterday was solid. First I finished up a poster for the Austin marathon/half marathon. I made a minor edit to the DVD art I did yesterday and now that's off to print. Next I made a notepad in spanish "Apoyo con cancer: 888.888.888" In the afternoon I was assigned my current project which is going to take some time. It is basically a chart with cancer quotes from around the world for a report we're doing. I have to arrange the quotes on a timeline-esque bar with flags next to each depending on the country. I will blog more about that later, but right now it's time to get to work!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to the Grindstone

So today was my first day back after my lovely exotic getaway to Branson, Missouri. When I got to work I was told Diana was working from home today. She had sent me an email with 3 projects and told me she would be able to communicate through IM. The first project was creating a poster for the Austin Marathon/Half Marathon, but it was really just making some changes to an existing poster (changing the picture and copy). Next was placing some DVD art I created last week onto the photoshop template, easy enough. Lastly was labeling and filing some older projects. Diana had an appt at 1:30 so I got to duck out early today. Also, my friend and I went to lunch at the Pita Pit downtown, de-lish! Overall another successful day at Livestrong, we'll see what tomorrow has in store!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Branson Bound!

So as you may know I am heading to Branson for a FAMILY REUNION!! However, this will not deter me from blogging about my day. Today went by rather quickly at work due to the HUGE project I worked on, literally, it was 8 ft by 3 ft. The project took me all day due to the fact it was so large and I started it from scratch rather than editing an existing one. Basically the piece was a timeline with some main Livestrong events that have occurred over the past two years (and that are yet to occur over the several months). I was given a model to work off of and some graphics and copy and then began working away! Anyways that's what I did all day but I got it done except for a couple of photos we're waiting on.
I'm not working tomorrow since I'm halfway to Branson at this point...but allow me to tell you about the drive. I'm driving down to the thriving metropolis of Branson with Grandma and Gramps in the sassy Jaguar. Now, this is quite a lovely car...when you don't have to road trip in it. I was confined to a single seat in the back which I shared with my bag, laptop, and all the food. I think my grandparents may be under the impression that there is no food supply in Branson; They may possibly have bought out the entire chip supply at Costco and piled them in the back seat. As if the space issue wasn't bad enough, grandparents are also very cold-blooded people. Grandparents love to keep the house rather warm, and same goes with the car. I was in the back seat so I wasn't getting a constant stream of air to begin with, but if I had it would have been the 73 degree room temperature air that didn't do much good anyways. To avoid heat stroke I managed to sprawl my body out in the most awkward of positions so there was no skin touching skin (my knee pits were getting rather sweaty when I had my legs crossed). This required on leg propped up by the window, an arm spanning the back of the seats, the other leg resting on the middle console under the cooler, and my right are just kind of floating around palm up radiating heat.
For dinner we stopped at a Czech restaurant because it's "an experience." There was a lot of cabbage and sour kraut on the menu, but I kept it safe and got a burger. When we were finished I asked our waiter for the "czech"! Hahaha...not really, but seriously, how many 'czech' puns do you think they get there every day?
While riding in the heated back seat I had quite a few deep thoughts, which I'll leave you with:
Why are public bathrooms so awkward?
Why is a gentleman's club called a "gentleman's" club?
Why do old people keep their cars and houses so hot?

If you don't hear from me, I'll be back on here Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Currently at work, but it's a slooooow day. This morning/early afternoon I had 2 projects: a manifesto poster and dvd. The dvd project consisted of changing a dvd label from black to white and changing all the white copy and logos to black. I also had to switch the position of the livestrong logo and media co. logo. For the manifesto poster I added some copy and a yellow background at the top, added Lance's signature, livestrong logo, black bar and some disclaimer copy. Later I helped another woman in Diana's department scan, email and rename the pdfs of some applications we've recieved requesting different resources. Also, I went to a meeting this morning discussing the new policy platform and how it will be designed and accessed by viewers on the website. That's pretty much it...I got some wristbands to hand out to people at the family reunion at grandpa's request.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey blog,

so let me recap yesterday's events for you: Got to work and had a project that required a minor size change for an ad. Next created a web banner footer of sponsor logos for a website, pretty simple. I also created a graphic of 2 livestrong logos which is going to be printed on a pen. In the afternoon I helped Diana cut and piece together an example of the signage going outside of the new patient navigation center which was tile printed on 8.5x11 paper. No meetings yesterday and Diana let me out an hour early so that was nice. One of our project managers, Anne Marie, is out of town so we haven't been getting as many requests lately. Next week I'm only working Tuesday and Wednesday, so hopefully I'll have more to discuss then. Until next time!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

chzech it out

Title is irrelevant to this post...

Today at work was pretty solid. Got to work and made some edits to a poster, apparently a sponsor logo was missing. Following this I worked on a couple of different projects the rest of the day (including revisions). One of the projects was creating a web banner ad for the FRS website, so hopefully that will be up sometime in the near future! I'll post a link when it is. Also, I made some changes to a poster. The background photo of David the Triathlete had to be replaced with Carlos, the Bicyclist with the prosthetic leg, along with some minor copy edits and additions. Also, at 11, there was a meeting I sat in on with a freelancer who is working on some annual report. Her name is Belinda and she may be the littlest woman I've ever seen, she's presh. That pretty much wraps up the day at Livestrong, hope you are all watching the tour, go lance!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Relatively uneventful day

As Diana stated today, the design department during the Tour de France can be either famine or feast. Today was famine. I went to 2 meetings today and did 1 edit for a Livstrong Challenge in Austin poster. The first meeting was basically figuring out a timeline for a large booklet project that will be needed in May. The next consisted of going over some card ideas for Livestrong Christmas cards that is doing. This morning there were crepes available as they showed today's tour stage on the big projector screen and later there was Indian food from a presentation so those are good things. That's pretty much my day...oh but since you asked, yes, I did have a good 4th of July. Went out on the lake with the fam, watched some fireworks, and at lots of yummy food...solid. Here's a photo of the staff in our chalkbot shirts from Nike giving a shout out to Lance:


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today has been simultaneously boring, exciting, great, kind of awful, and full of dramaaaa. Ok I make it sound much more intense than it actually has been. Got to work and came to turn on my computer first thing of course (There is absolutely nothing I do that doesn't involve a computer) and low and behold, my precious intern room Mac is dunzo, dead, kaput, stick a fork in it, it's done. I noticed it had been running slow lately, and Diana said the computer was inherited from someone perhaps it has a past. Regardless, when I turned it on it released a series of obnoxious beeps and tones and continued to do so until turning it off...awesome. Luckily Willy, our IT guy, was quick to the scene and wisked away my technological monitor of being. For the majority of the morning I was without a computer...the good news is we had free sandwhiches, cookies, cake and pie to occupy me. Diana also subscribes to a variety of design magazines she let me mull over. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Willy decided my computer had a hard drive problem and swapped it with this awesome G5 dinosaur. Not really a problem, just annoying. I had to re-setup my email and scrounge around for some files I was saving on my old desktop for my summer portfolio (smart I know). Luckily this computer already had the CS4 programs and all the fonts I needed, but my most recent problem is that it doesn't seem to be connecting correctly with the printers...and i can't do anything about it because I haven't been approved as an administrator on this computer...aghhhh!
Anyways, because of this hot mess, I have only managed to make a measly spanish Livestrong graphic to put on a pen...."Apoyo con Cancer 866.927.7205." I can't print it so it doesn't do me much good...
Oh! Almost forgot the dramzzzz. Apparently, while hanging signage in the new patient navigation center yesterday, one of the workers managed to put a large puncture in one of the brand new never-before-used leather chairs in the reception area. Turns out it's going to cost $600 to we have to invoice the sign guy. It's too bad, he's a nice man and I think it was one of his helpers that actualy did the damage, but that's what happens I guess. The signage and wall quotes look really great though! Well, wish me luck on getting my work station back to normal, the old mac is really throwin' off my game!