Saturday, June 5, 2010

The weekend thus far...

So as most of you know, my internship is only Tues/Wed/Thurs, which makes for a long weekend. So I didn't have work yesterday, but I did go to Dallas to see 3oh!3, which was awesome! It was a tour of 4 bands so their set wasn't very long, but man can those guys put on a show. Played some the classics such as 'I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby' and 'Colorado Sunrise' along with a few newbies. Now that I'm back in Austin, however, it's time to continue this long journey I like to call a job hunt; at this rate I'll be living in a box on 35. I have 5 applications to turn in today, sounds promising right? 2 of them are for a couple of local country clubs, and if you don't know this I am veteran when it comes to working at these joints, so I have high hopes. How is it that I can land an apparently competitive internship but can't manage to get a job waitressing at a low end chain restaurant? After that, however, I might be hanging out with a couple other interns from Livestrong which will be a fun time. On a more depressing note, online classes begin Monday. Modern art and Trig...hold me back. Oh and ps- I finally put my livestrong and apple stickers on the back of my car, now it just screams "me". Welpie welp, I'm off to attempt to get a paying job, wish me luck blog!

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