Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today has been simultaneously boring, exciting, great, kind of awful, and full of dramaaaa. Ok I make it sound much more intense than it actually has been. Got to work and came to turn on my computer first thing of course (There is absolutely nothing I do that doesn't involve a computer) and low and behold, my precious intern room Mac is dunzo, dead, kaput, stick a fork in it, it's done. I noticed it had been running slow lately, and Diana said the computer was inherited from someone perhaps it has a past. Regardless, when I turned it on it released a series of obnoxious beeps and tones and continued to do so until turning it off...awesome. Luckily Willy, our IT guy, was quick to the scene and wisked away my technological monitor of being. For the majority of the morning I was without a computer...the good news is we had free sandwhiches, cookies, cake and pie to occupy me. Diana also subscribes to a variety of design magazines she let me mull over. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Willy decided my computer had a hard drive problem and swapped it with this awesome G5 dinosaur. Not really a problem, just annoying. I had to re-setup my email and scrounge around for some files I was saving on my old desktop for my summer portfolio (smart I know). Luckily this computer already had the CS4 programs and all the fonts I needed, but my most recent problem is that it doesn't seem to be connecting correctly with the printers...and i can't do anything about it because I haven't been approved as an administrator on this computer...aghhhh!
Anyways, because of this hot mess, I have only managed to make a measly spanish Livestrong graphic to put on a pen...."Apoyo con Cancer 866.927.7205." I can't print it so it doesn't do me much good...
Oh! Almost forgot the dramzzzz. Apparently, while hanging signage in the new patient navigation center yesterday, one of the workers managed to put a large puncture in one of the brand new never-before-used leather chairs in the reception area. Turns out it's going to cost $600 to we have to invoice the sign guy. It's too bad, he's a nice man and I think it was one of his helpers that actualy did the damage, but that's what happens I guess. The signage and wall quotes look really great though! Well, wish me luck on getting my work station back to normal, the old mac is really throwin' off my game!

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