Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just another day at the office

Worked on lots of projects today, don't even remember all of them. A lot of them consisted of making minor changes to cards, brochures, etc. I finished the autograph card and used lots of pantone 116 c in the process...boy is that yellow! I ended up getting all the projects Diana planned for the week done today, apparently I'm pretty quick which is good I suppose. So I spent the last hour or so making labels for finished job folders, not the most exciting but it needs to be done I guess. Oh I almost forgot, this morning I also got the chance to sit in on a meeting with a freelancer. The woman was someone who Diana says she's been working with for years and she's helping to finish the annual report. She isn't doing much design, more production. Tomorrow I'm going to sit in on a vendor meeting...woohoo! Until tomorrow blog!

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