Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Much has occurred since the date of my last post, so allow me to update you on the life and times of Sarah and her adventures in Austin. When we last left off I was finishing up the work week on a wednesday due to my boss's absence at work on Thursday. I'll skip the boring parts (such as the papers I wrote and Math exam I took) and go straight to the juicy stuff. Thursday night a friend from work and myself went out for some late night mexican at Guerro's, and I can vouch for their queso, delish. Afterwards we went downtown and met some real life Austinites, talk about exciting! Friday I did some more boring stuff, but that evening I went to a Round Rock express minor league baseball game! (see photos below). After the game was a nice fireworks show. They absolutely crushed the Albuquerque Isotopes by the way...
Saturday I babysat early, about 8:30, and got done around 11. I then made my way to the lake house to watch the sad sad US/Ghana game, but cheered up via a few jet ski rides on the lake after. Sunday night I went to see Toy Story 3, but wait, there's more...IN THE IMAX AAANNNDDD IN 3-D! It's pretty great, I would recommend it to all. Yesterday Livestrong had a benefit at a restaurant on the river which I went to with a few other interns, it was nice...we got free drinks and delicious food (personally I was a fan of the bacon wrapped jalapenos) and enjoyed the lakeside view. Immediately following the happy hour benefit, a friend and I from work went to a concert. The band is a lesser-known one, which made it so much better since I got an autographed t-shirt AND photo with them! We then went out to a couple bars with the merch guy...although we were under the impression the band was coming out with him, so a slight disappointment, not gonna lie. Whew, now that that book is written it brings us to today.
Waking up today was rough considering my 4 am bedtime this morning, but it did not deter me from a productive day! First thing when I arrived at Livestrong was a meeting. Basically the marketing team is just beginning the infant stages of brainstorming for next year's Livestrong Challenge campaign. It's pretty neat to see everyone bouncing ideas off each other and coming up with something that alllll the design with be focused around next year. After this I work on some livestrong challenge ads, using photoshop to add and adjust the featured people in each ad. I forgot to bring lunch today but I munched on some delicious grapes and trail mix from the kitchen. This afternoon I worked on some signage for a Livestrong challenge and from 3:30-5 Livestrong screened a documentary called 'Ride the Divide' about a grueling bike race that goes from Canada to Mexico; less than 40 people have ever even finished it! The director was there so we got to do a q&a and everything so it was pretty neat. Getting off work late however meant I had to endure the traffic home, it took an hour to get back...and it's been raining alllll day. My fingers hurt from typing but that was a much needed update, come back tomorrow for a fresh new post! And check out da pics!

Round Rock Express
Fireworks after the game

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