Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Branson Bound!

So as you may know I am heading to Branson for a FAMILY REUNION!! However, this will not deter me from blogging about my day. Today went by rather quickly at work due to the HUGE project I worked on, literally, it was 8 ft by 3 ft. The project took me all day due to the fact it was so large and I started it from scratch rather than editing an existing one. Basically the piece was a timeline with some main Livestrong events that have occurred over the past two years (and that are yet to occur over the several months). I was given a model to work off of and some graphics and copy and then began working away! Anyways that's what I did all day but I got it done except for a couple of photos we're waiting on.
I'm not working tomorrow since I'm halfway to Branson at this point...but allow me to tell you about the drive. I'm driving down to the thriving metropolis of Branson with Grandma and Gramps in the sassy Jaguar. Now, this is quite a lovely car...when you don't have to road trip in it. I was confined to a single seat in the back which I shared with my bag, laptop, and all the food. I think my grandparents may be under the impression that there is no food supply in Branson; They may possibly have bought out the entire chip supply at Costco and piled them in the back seat. As if the space issue wasn't bad enough, grandparents are also very cold-blooded people. Grandparents love to keep the house rather warm, and same goes with the car. I was in the back seat so I wasn't getting a constant stream of air to begin with, but if I had it would have been the 73 degree room temperature air that didn't do much good anyways. To avoid heat stroke I managed to sprawl my body out in the most awkward of positions so there was no skin touching skin (my knee pits were getting rather sweaty when I had my legs crossed). This required on leg propped up by the window, an arm spanning the back of the seats, the other leg resting on the middle console under the cooler, and my right are just kind of floating around palm up radiating heat.
For dinner we stopped at a Czech restaurant because it's "an experience." There was a lot of cabbage and sour kraut on the menu, but I kept it safe and got a burger. When we were finished I asked our waiter for the "czech"! Hahaha...not really, but seriously, how many 'czech' puns do you think they get there every day?
While riding in the heated back seat I had quite a few deep thoughts, which I'll leave you with:
Why are public bathrooms so awkward?
Why is a gentleman's club called a "gentleman's" club?
Why do old people keep their cars and houses so hot?

If you don't hear from me, I'll be back on here Tuesday!

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