Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Currently at work, but it's a slooooow day. This morning/early afternoon I had 2 projects: a manifesto poster and dvd. The dvd project consisted of changing a dvd label from black to white and changing all the white copy and logos to black. I also had to switch the position of the livestrong logo and media co. logo. For the manifesto poster I added some copy and a yellow background at the top, added Lance's signature, livestrong logo, black bar and some disclaimer copy. Later I helped another woman in Diana's department scan, email and rename the pdfs of some applications we've recieved requesting different resources. Also, I went to a meeting this morning discussing the new policy platform and how it will be designed and accessed by viewers on the website. That's pretty much it...I got some wristbands to hand out to people at the family reunion at grandpa's request.

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