Wednesday, July 7, 2010

chzech it out

Title is irrelevant to this post...

Today at work was pretty solid. Got to work and made some edits to a poster, apparently a sponsor logo was missing. Following this I worked on a couple of different projects the rest of the day (including revisions). One of the projects was creating a web banner ad for the FRS website, so hopefully that will be up sometime in the near future! I'll post a link when it is. Also, I made some changes to a poster. The background photo of David the Triathlete had to be replaced with Carlos, the Bicyclist with the prosthetic leg, along with some minor copy edits and additions. Also, at 11, there was a meeting I sat in on with a freelancer who is working on some annual report. Her name is Belinda and she may be the littlest woman I've ever seen, she's presh. That pretty much wraps up the day at Livestrong, hope you are all watching the tour, go lance!

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