Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Relatively uneventful day

As Diana stated today, the design department during the Tour de France can be either famine or feast. Today was famine. I went to 2 meetings today and did 1 edit for a Livstrong Challenge in Austin poster. The first meeting was basically figuring out a timeline for a large booklet project that will be needed in May. The next consisted of going over some card ideas for Livestrong Christmas cards that Shutterfly.com is doing. This morning there were crepes available as they showed today's tour stage on the big projector screen and later there was Indian food from a presentation so those are good things. That's pretty much my day...oh but since you asked, yes, I did have a good 4th of July. Went out on the lake with the fam, watched some fireworks, and at lots of yummy food...solid. Here's a photo of the staff in our chalkbot shirts from Nike giving a shout out to Lance:


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