Thursday, July 22, 2010

I ate a sandwich for lunch

So today I began with the cancer chart I left off on yesterday, I ended up finishing it and Diana is pretty happy with it, yay! Oh also today I got a call from Diana and she was like "Hi, could you come to the copy room? I'd like you to see some of your work..." I thought I messed something up and she wanted me to come see my mistake, like when you make a dog come look at the urine it left on the carpet. ACTUALLY though it was a good thing! She just wanted me to see the giant timeline banner I made last week printed up. It's so weird to see it so large; it's 8 ft long on vinyl and has the grommets in it so it's ready to hang. They shipped it off to China today (Maybe Ping will see it while he's there!) I'm now working on another big project which I left off on today. I have label maps with certain countries and then highlight those countries, and on another I do the same thing but also add some comments with each country. These maps are going into a world report (or something like that). Anyways, we've had larger projects lately so not as many little things to write about, but neat nonetheless! Hopefully I can put a couple pictures on here soon. Until Tuesday!

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