Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to the Grindstone

So today was my first day back after my lovely exotic getaway to Branson, Missouri. When I got to work I was told Diana was working from home today. She had sent me an email with 3 projects and told me she would be able to communicate through IM. The first project was creating a poster for the Austin Marathon/Half Marathon, but it was really just making some changes to an existing poster (changing the picture and copy). Next was placing some DVD art I created last week onto the photoshop template, easy enough. Lastly was labeling and filing some older projects. Diana had an appt at 1:30 so I got to duck out early today. Also, my friend and I went to lunch at the Pita Pit downtown, de-lish! Overall another successful day at Livestrong, we'll see what tomorrow has in store!

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