Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welpie Welp

Hey blog,
I'm a little exhausted and in need of rest for another work day tomorrow, but I'll fill you in on the day's design events. Today I was quite busy, my work load consisted of Livestrong Challenge signage, Bib changes, Livestrong day collateral and updates to an envelope. Keep in mind 2 of these project required about 5 separate pieces so they were quite time consuming. I went to a meeting at 10 concerning the new patient navigation center and the notepad/written summary we're going to give them to take home at the end of their visits. This is in the infant stages and the meeting consisted mostly of brainstorming. Oh I forgot to mention last week I worked on a billboard that's going to be right here in Austin, exciting! Anyways that about sums up the day, tomorrow I will finish up some signage and I have a meeting at 11 with one of the best printers in the country! Stay tuned!

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