Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random thoughts during down time...

So here I am at work, haven't done much since there's been a meeting going on for everyone in the office (but the interns apparently) since I got here.

Anyways I thought I would share a few random thoughts. Before delving into my frustration with the boyscouts of America, I think I'll share some good news: I picked up my car this morning! However, I realized once I got to work there is a small scratch on the lift gate...and the glass sounds like it's rattling slightly, I'll have to see about that. For those of you who don't know, it all started when I got a flat tire last Friday. I was driving home on the highway, about 3 exits away, when I suddenly heard the haunting "thudthudthudthudthudthud" alerting me of the inevitable...that's right, flat tire. I managed to pull over to the shoulder right where an exit begins to fork from the highway (a seem-ably safe spot). While sitting and sweating and waiting for my trusty grandfather to come help save the day, a policeman arrived. We had the routine conversation, cop: "So what happened here?" me: "what does it look like? I have a flat tire and I pulled over ya dumdum!" Ok, so I didn't say that, but I thought it.

Anyways he went on to tell me how unsafe it was for me to be on the shoulder and that he thought it best to push me off the road. I was told to put my car in neutral and allow the policeman to gently guide me from behind with his cruisers front grill-cage-thing. He pushed me onto the access road and told me to pull into the first parking lot or entrance I saw. I did as I was instructed and made a right up a steep hill to a parking lot, and that's when it happened. He pushed me about halfway up the hill and then I suddenly felt myself rolling backwards. Somehow the policeman and broke contact with my bumper and I was rolling back, and likely going to hit his front end if I hadn't stepped on the brake. So I was sitting in my car on a hill, brakes on, when he forcefully hits me from behind. Apparently he was trying to give me a last little push to get me into the parking lot. To make this long story short, there was about $1500 of damage to my back end and 3 cruisers at the scene by the end of the ordeal. Oh, but don't worry, THE AUSTIN PD CLAIMED THEY WEREN'T LIABLE! That's right, I was being pushed off the road for "my own safety" and any damaged incurred is not their fault. Yeah right, that's the biggest crock of...well anyways, it's a messy situation.

So my claim is filed and I wait, about 6 months according to my insurance agent, to see if I get ANY of my deductible back from the perp. Now I'm not normally one to heckle law enforcement, but this is just silly. Not to mention the inconveniences I've been put through due to this whole debacle, including early wake ups on my days off and days without my vehicle. Whew, feels good to vent about my little situation...but now it's back to the grindstone!

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