Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It's a roasty day here in Austin, in the middle of a triple digit week. Today I finished up some signage for the Philadelphia LIVESTRONG challenge, after that we had a meeting with a paper vendor. They had some really neat papers, but the coolest was a static charged paper that you could peel off and stick to any surface (but there's no adhesive). It's called cling-z...only designers can get that excited about paper. Immediately following that meeting we had another meeting about a survivor medal that is being designed (intended for cancer survivors). The design is in its very beginning stages; still sketches and ideas, but it was neat to be involved in that part of the process. After lunch I worked some more on signage and the billboard that I was working on last week. The billboard has been somewhat of a challenge. The size of a billboard is just awkward and we have a lot of copy they want to fit on it. Diana decided to think more about the billboard for a while since it's not really working right now...but she had no other projects for me so I got to go a little early today! Diana told me to go eat some ice I did obviously.

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