Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rocks in Jellies

Today, while babysitting 3 year-old Kate, I was taken back to a time long ago. Little Kate was sporting a sassy pair of hot pink Jellies today, much akin to a pair I once had oh-so long ago. The problem: Rocks in Jellies. We were playing on a playground filled with those colorful yet spiteful tiny rocks, which always manage to find their way into one's jelly shoes. Several times during the brief romp in the play area, Kate had to stop, remove a shoe, and proceed to dump 2-3 rocks out. I feel ya Kate. Jellies were always a popular and stylish form of footwear, but never ceased to fail miserably when it came to playground time. A sneaky rock always managed to work its way between the criss-crossed rubbery lacing and continue to weasel its way to the single most sensitive part of the bottom of my foot where it would firmly wedge itself between said foot and the bottom of my jelly shoe/sandal (not sure on the terminology there). No wonder the jelly fad didn't last...

Kate also told me today that her dad "toots a lot"

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