Saturday, May 8, 2010

I can't come up with anything creative to put here...


I'm sorry I've been neglecting's Truman's fault. Things have been quite busy today. Ceremonies and parties galore with graduation with today along with packing up for the long trek home tomorrow. Let's discuss my mixed feelings about heading home.

First of all, I'm obviously excited for summer, what kind of weirdo wouldn't be? Especially with my internship and sunny Austin awaiting (it was 45 degrees May. That's not ok.) However, I will be gone allllll summer. This means: No impromtu Kirksville trips, no Greek Reunion, no summer concerts in STL, no laying out at Taylor's pool. I would say overall though that I'm happy I'll be spending the summer in Austin doing what I love, graphic designing! lsdkjfa;sldjfs. Speaking of graphic design, I have a link for you today. The following site has brought me many-a-laugh:

Graphic Deisngers: You'll appreciate this

That's all for now. Sorry nothing exciting has been happening with me lately. I'm going to go pack up my life into some Rubbermade Tubs. Peace.

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