Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Still Here!

I realize it has been quite some time (6 months to be exact) since I have utilized my blog, and I figure it was due time for an update on what's been happening. Yesterday evening I returned to Kirksville from a trip to Chicago. Our Truman chapter of AIGA went to Chicago to visit a few design firms, which was very inspiring and enlightening. I love the city of Chicago, however if I were to move there in the future I wouldn't be meeting my goal of escaping the cold and snow...

In other news, a week from today I will be road tripping down to Mobile, Alabama to board a cruise ship to go to Mexico! Very excited for some 80 degree weather and relaxation! Just have to make it through this week, which won't be a walk in the park considering our annual report for Capstone is due Thursday and I STILL haven't finalized my logo. I supposed I should inform you all of our senior capstone project. We basically create a company from scratch, focus on identity and branding. My company is called Binky. Originally I was planning on being company focused solely on gourmet, organic baby food. However, I believe I'm going to branch out to more of a baby boutique with other products, with baby food still being the focus.

I know this hasn't been much of an update but I plan to start blogging more often now (more than ever 6 months) so hopefully I can slowly but surely catch up. Until next time everyone!

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