Friday, September 4, 2009

More Posters...Assigment 3

2 more posters today. As you can see the subjects were rock climbing club and a latin dance party. I thought these subjects were a little more fun so I tried to make my posters fun as well. With my "Rock" climbing poster I went the humor route. Obviously this may not be the best idea if it were being professionally printed because of copyright issues...but actually The Rock came by my house yesterday and I just decided to seize an opportunity. There are other flaws in this poster as well such as some leading and space issues, but I think with some work and permission from The Rock I could make it semi-presentable. My concept for the Latin dance party was "Spice up you night" with a dancing pepper I drew. The pepper looks like he's having a great time so I'm sure anyone seeing this would want to go to this crazy latin dance party. Of the two posters I prefer my dance party one, but I could still work with it a little more on layout and copy I think. The fact that these 2 posters were 11x17 didn't change my process too much; just gave a little more space to work with. ASLD;FVISCOMISMYLIFELADJFLA

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