Monday, August 31, 2009

First Assignment

For the first assignment we were asked to recreate 2 fliers. I realized I'm a little rusty from a summer without viscom so channeling my creative energy proved to be a little more difficult than I had anticipated. For the Greek poster I went with a Grecian theme using a Greek-esque font and column graphics. Of the two posters I created I preferred this one. The other poster that I recreated was the MO Hall Art Gala poster. I wanted to really play up the whole 'cash prize' aspect because I believed that would be the most eye-catching for us poor college students. I went about this by using the words CASH and ART in huge font and put a dollar bill with a frame around it as a graphic that I felt used elements from both 'cash' and 'art.' Though I liked my concept on this poster, I feel like it could have used more design-wise.

I believe the most challenging thing about this exercise is trying to include all of the elements of design and still include a unique concept and straightforward message. Until next time!

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